Picture Library - Overview


Fully integrated Web-centric image library software with fast (flat file based) search.
Webshop and BackOffice functions are fully integrated allowing both workflow efficiencies and ability to work from any location.
Images are stored in multi-tile format (FlashPix) enabling both storage efficiency (Images of any resolution are extracted on-the-fly from a single archived image) and on-line image ZOOM
Ability to sell other (non-image) products in the same e-commerce enabled shop

Web centric Media Library

Consists of 5 application modules

  1. Webshop - for customers & content contributors

  2. Back Office - for Sales, Customers Service and Financial/Accounts personnel

  3. Search Engine - maintains text file index providing fast searches to both customers and distributor's websites

  4. Image Server - extracts relevant media formats from archived files

  5. Import Server - automated batch media ingest with conversion to advanced formats such as Flashpix