Picture Library - Import & Storage


- Automated Batch Image Import (Ingest) through a user interface
During the import, Images are allocated automatic Image IDs & parameters: pictures orientation (portrait/landscape), pixel size and colour, which are all determined on-the-fly and stored into the SQL database. Third party metadata (keywords, captions, etc) can be imported in batch mode.

- Single Image Format (Multi-tiled) support DioMedia supports Flashpix format as per i3a.org (International Imaging Industry Association) Specification.

- Image Watermark support Supporting Flashpix allow us to have on-the-fly (dynamic) watermarking.

-The size of preview Images can be changed any time, as they are created dynamically from the Flashpix file.

- Image Server is a separate application, which can be dis-located (e.g. located in the office) away from the Web server and securely accessed.

- Licencing formats support:

  1. Rights Managed with comprehensive Country Restrictions functionality
  2. Royalty Free Single Images
  3. Royalty Free CDs
  4. Royalty Free Subscription with full Back Office support (detailed).